Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets that hold and store pots, pans and other kitchen equipment have been the mainstay of any kitchen, throughout the ages. However, with new developments, kitchens and kitchen cabinets have also evolved to cater to the new age woman.

Modern kitchens, as a rule, allow much more storage than the kitchens of the past. The cabinets are built to put stores away from view, in the recesses of the cabinet. This helps them to be securely stored, without standing out as eyesores. It should be acknowledged that cabinets offer versatile and generous storage. Large sliding doors allow easy accessibility. There should be ample space inside the cabinets, to store the various jars and cans. It is recommended to use removable shelves, as they are easier to clean and stack. The drawers should also be wide and easy to open. They could be used to store linens and kitchen utensils.

A lot of people choose cabinets with a unique finish for their kitchens. It is important that the finish of the cabinet flows seamlessly into the theme maintained or the design and color of the kitchen. The right finish enhances the overall look of the kitchen. It could be a country look, a sleek, modern look or a traditional woody look.

A sleek modern look is preferred by many people, especially kitchen designers. Apart from traditional wood, people are experimenting with various other materials such as plastic and metal, to build cabinets. Trends have changed in kitchen cabinets and now there are newer and trendier options. They include freestanding or mobile cabinets that are made from glass or durable plastics. People at times also choose commercial kitchens with an ultra modern look. The details of the cabinets can be got from the local supply stores.

Finding Discount Kitchen Cabinets So You Can Stay on Budget

When homeowners want to give the most functional room in their home a fresh and new look while saving some money, many of them consider installing discount kitchen cabinets. Many times their current cabinets are either outdated or damaged in some way and do not provide solutions for the modern family.

Selecting New Kitchen Cabinets
Because the choice of cabinetry has the ability to set the tone for an entire kitchen, picking new kitchen cabinets can be a bit of an overwhelming task due to the big responsibility it holds. Thus, to make the task more achievable for you, keep these tips handy at all times when cabinet shopping:

* Do you use your kitchen frequently? If so, make sure that you choose cabinetry that would allow easier access to the most areas during meal preparation, whether you always reheat frozen leftovers or you love cooking a formal dinner.

* Take advantage of the information contained in interior design magazines from a bookstore or from your local library. Jot down notes of the room designs that you like and then search for patterns that showcase potential color or style choices.

* If your budget doesn’t permit you to become as decorative as you would like, it’s best to add an extra dash of your style and personality to the kitchen area by incorporating pretty bottles of vinegar, attractive wicker baskets, gleaming copper cookware, or handmade pottery.

Keep in mind that setting aside money by purchasing discount kitchen cabinets can provide you additional cash to splurge in other rooms in your house. For instance, you may realize that a new refrigerator, microwave oven, or a custom granite counter top all of a sudden seems to become inexpensive.

Finding Cheap Cabinetry
The prices of kitchen cabinets, whether you get it from popular providers like Kraftmaid or from the local home improvement centers like Home Depot, vary considerably, so it always pays to shop around the market prior to making a purchase. If you can’t get inexpensive cabinets in your place, try to buy them from online retail stores like Thomasville cabinets or Kitchen Craft cabinetry.

Jazzing Up You Old Cabinets
Cheap, good quality cabinets are quite tricky to find. That’s why if the current storage cabinets in your kitchen are still robust but do not fit your needs and your house theme, consider jazzing them up with the following prudent tricks:

1. Depending on the new theme of your home, add a new coat of paint to the cabinets. You’ll be amazed at the new appeal that colors can bring.

2. If you want a distinct appeal, adding a stenciled design, rustic cabinet look, or faux finish would be great.

3. If you are not satisfied with the moldings on your current cabinet doors, but you exceptionally love the placement and height of the boxes, you can replace the hardware and the door.

Always be diligent in your search. Remember that beautiful discount kitchen cabinets are just around the corner waiting to be noticed by you.

How to Have a Luxury Spa and Hotel Break For a Budget Price

Ever since Gok Wan went from making us look good naked to creating catwalk outfits for less than the price of dry cleaning a designer outfit, I’ve been pulling out my craft glue (and the occasional DIY supplies) to glam up New Look basics into must have “pieces”. I’ve even taken a couple of their comfortable wide fit shoes and made them into sparkling triumphs courtesy of Claire’s Accessories and some Superdrug nail varnish. I know, these are not names that generally inspire, but when the resulting sandals are mistaken for the latest season sandals from Dune (and are actually comfortable enough to walk in) I knew I was on to a winner.

Fast forward to a girlie weekend in Barcelona this March and a visit to a local spa and suddenly my mind was working overtime again.

As much as I love the idea of a long weekend at a luxury spa hotel, if I’m honest the prices have always put me off, and my recent experiences at day spas in Morocco and Barcelona have convinced me that you don’t need to pay through the nose for an exceptional spa experience. In fact the best massages I have had to date have been the cheapest ones:

- Around 32 pounds for a hammam, with a gommage “scrubbing”, followed by a rhassoul, and then the most relaxing massage I’ve ever had. I can’t tell you how long I was in there – only that the sun had gone down, I had lost all track of time, and I was on a completely different planet.

- Even in Barcelona, with the euro at an all-time high, the top rated spa cost us around 54 pounds for the hammam, (with extra hot steam room and plunge pool), followed by a gommage “scrubbing” and another extremely relaxing massage. Three hours of luxury for 54 pounds compared to UK prices is a total steal.

The fact is that in many cultures the local spa is an everyday (or at least every month) treat, which, combined with good exchange rates (when they are available), makes them a great bargain on holiday. So why aren’t we taking advantage of them? Well personally I think it’s because, whereas guide books are stuffed with restaurant, sight and hotel recommendations, very rarely do they spend any time on spas. The spa in Morocco was recommended by friends, and the spa in Barcelona was found with some pre-emptive internet research. Later in the year I’m off to visit China, which has some world class hotel spas, but also boasts a proud massage tradition, which leads me to hope that as well as the day spas I’ve been recommended (where prices are about a quarter of UK rates) I’ll also be able to find other more authentic bargains.

Which leads me to the hotel part of the spa and hotel break. One of the reasons that staying at a luxury spa hotel can cost so much is that you are paying for the option to use it 24/7. If, like me, you see your spa time as part of a whole trip rather than a destination in itself, you’ll probably find that one day spending 3-4 hours in a spa is enough (taking into account the detox effects) at least for a couple of days. So just by choosing to stay in a separate hotel you will probably save a hefty chunk of your holiday budget, and you’ll also avoid the temptation to stay locked up in your hotel for your entire stay and miss out on the local treats.

By then choosing an affordable hotel, reasonably close to your spa, which features the required level of pampering (slippers, robe, fluffy white towels), you can relax back in your room safe in the knowledge that you’ll be going home with a designer glow and a budget bill.

Of course this is not to say that there aren’t spa hotels offering affordable deals, but by being flexible and savvy you can make sure that your relaxation time isn’t spent feeling ripped off. And perhaps more importantly, by being more creative in choosing your hotel, you have a much better choice of spa. You are not limited to an in-house spa experience, very important considering the number of excellent day spas available, even in the UK. Take for example Spa London in Bethnal Green, voted 2010 Professional Beauty Awards “Day Spa of the Year”, where 3 hours of thermal experience will set you back 21.50 pounds at the top of the scale for non-members, down to 6.75 pounds for concessionary local members (including towel, robe and flip flop use) and which is truly a luxury experience compared to the slightly run down Porchester Spa. And then there’s Thermae Bath Spa, the only place in the UK where you can bathe in natural healing spa waters, voted 2010 “Best Spa in the World” by readers of the Daily Telegraph’s Ultra Travel Magazine for the second time running, where a 2 hour session in the New Royal Bath (recommended) will set you back 24 pounds (plus 9 pounds hire cost for towel, robe and slippers if you need them – and you get to keep the slippers!) Unlike many spas the Thermae Bath Spa also offers reductions for locals, disabled guests and their carers, so a local disabled guest (and carer) could pay as little as 9.50 pounds each for a 2 hour session in the New Royal Bath. (You can also buy a glass of spa water at The Pump Room for only 50p!)

Of course London and Bath are not known for their cheap hotel rooms, and certainly in central Bath you might be pushed to find availability, let alone an affordable room rate. However, if you widen your search to the surrounding area, you’ll also find some wonderful B&Bs which would put many hotels to shame, and where you can wake up to the sound of a horse clip clopping past, right in the heart of the countryside. Then it’s up to you whether you decide to explore some old fashioned villages, head back home refreshed and revived, or pop back to the Thermae Bath Spa for just a little more bargain relaxation.

How To Install Kitchen Cabinets

In the past, you needed to hire a carpenter to make kitchen cabinets or spent hours making and installing them yourself. Nowadays, all you have to do is go to the store and buy them ready to put up when you get home.

Prior to installing kitchen cabinets, first consider the right type of cabinet to achieve a certain look or serve a specific function. The factors that should be considered prior to choosing the right kitchen cabinets are the type of wood, door styles, color, drawer types, molding and hardware, etc.

The three categories of kitchen cabinets are custom, semi custom and stock.

Stock cabinets are made of particleboard and are available in limited styles and colors. The wood often used is cherry, oak and maple. Although they cannot be altered in terms of size, they can be detailed with trims and moldings to create a better look.

Semi custom cabinets have more wood to choose from and a variety of styles and finishes. Wood choices include pine, pecan and hickory. The width, depth and height can be changed.

Custom cabinets make use of ¾ inch of plod that can go up to $1,500 per foot. The client chooses the style, width, finish and wood to be used.

Modern trends in cabinetry are the use of a variety of finishes. To cover stains and create depth, glazes can be used. Hardware is also important, hinges and glides are more modern with steeper prices.

Stock cabinets usually can be delivered right away, since they are always available in stores. Semi custom cabinets take from four to six week to deliver, and custom cabinets take at least one or two months to be built and delivered.

Nowadays, average consumers have taken more interest and are better educated on everything that relates to their homes. People normally come into showrooms armed with the specific things that they want for their kitchen cabinets.

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